Reviews: I Highly Recommend!

“I was referred to Dr. Seals by my regular veterinarian of over 20 years, and she spoke highly of the clinic’s reputation to help find the cause of Cocoa’s hair loss. My initial visit with Dr. Seals was late August. I was very impressed with all of the staff at the clinic. I was especially impressed with Dr. Seals and her veterinary technician Ashley F. Dr. Seals is the first vet in my life who sat on the floor with Cocoa for her exam to make her feel more comfortable. She was happy to answer all the questions I had, and I had many.

Dr. Seals collected samples and diagnosed Sebaceous Adenitis. The doctor prescribed some pills and baby oil baths. I had doubted the baths would help. I listened to the doctor though, and there was a marked improvement in Cocoa’s condition.

I returned to the office for a follow up in early October. Cocoa’s hair growth has continued to replenish balding areas. I highly recommend Dr. Seals and her staff.”

– Greg Bessire, Carrollton, TX

Reviews: Cocoa's hair growth

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