Sarcoptic Mange aka Scabies

Sarcoptic Mange aka Scabies in DogsSarcoptic mange is also known as scabies.

Sarcoptes scabeii is the name of the mite that causes scabies, or contagious mange in dogs. These mites burrow in the dog’s skin. Just a few mites can cause a severe hypersensitivity reaction. For this reason, scabies is one of the itchiest diseases in pets.

Scabies mites tend to burrow in the pet’s skin at the tips of the ears, elbows, hocks, chest and belly. However, in a severe infestation, mites can cause problems over the entire body.

The mites are highly contagious to other pets and all in contact. Pets must be treated. Human family members may also experience bites but the scabies mites are not adapted to human skin; thus, irritation is transient.

The mites survive off the pet for only a short period of time so routine cleaning of the pet’s environment and washing (or throwing away bedding) will help prevent re-infection. At the ADRC, we use a variety of different products and protocols for treating scabies.

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