Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis itchy catAtopy is the genetically determined predisposition to become allergic to airborne pollens (weeds, trees, and grasses), molds, dander, and house dust. In human beings, it causes hay fever and asthma.

A Common Cause of Itching

In dogs and cats, atopic dermatitis is the most common cause of itching (licking, chewing, biting, rubbing, scratching), as well as chronic skin and ear infections. Wheezing and sneezing are less common symptoms.

This allergy typically starts at a young age (1-3 years), usually in warmer months, but symptoms generally worsen each year until they are year round.

Dogs and cats, unlike some human beings, do not outgrow their allergies.

Want to Know More About Atopic Dermatitis?

For the ADRC’s approach to treating this condition, read our treatment for atopic dermatitis page.


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