Dr. Shanna Seals

Dr. Shanna Seals

In 2009, Dr. Shanna Seals received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University. Following graduation, she was sponsored by USDA-APHIS for the Smith-Kilborne program and earned a foreign animal disease prevention certificate at the Plum Island, NY Animal Disease Center.

Dr. Shanna Seals completed a small animal rotating internship in medicine, surgery and critical care at the Louisiana Veterinary Referral Center in in Mandeville, LA in 2010, She practiced veterinary medicine at the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species (ACRES) in New Orleans, LA, assisting with sea turtle and dolphin capture, treat, and relocation program throughout the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. In 2011, Dr. Seals completed a dermatology residency at Louisiana State University.

During her residency, Dr. Shanna Seals published a children’s book called “Boo’s Amazing Rescue” and visited elementary schools teaching children about the importance of animal conservation. She also completed dermatology research on a study for characterization of IgE-mediated cutaneous immediate and late-phase reactions in non-allergic domestic cats.

In January 2015, Dr. Shanna Seals joined ADRC at the Dallas office. Dr. Seal’s return to north Texas brings her close to family and friends. She is a genuinely kind, motivated and intelligent veterinarian and the ADRC feels fortunate that she joined our practice.

Dr. Seals describes herself as a wife, mom, veterinary dermatologist, very hard worker, world traveler, animal lover and a helper to others in need.