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Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
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 10 reviews
by Steven and Karen James on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Basset’s Ear Infection’s

Our basset hound, Maddie, (7 years old), has fought constant, and severe, ear infection’s for over 5 years. She has been miserable. She never slept through the night, which meant that my husband and I didn’t either.
She constantly had her foot in her ear, (to itch it), and it just sounded like mush inside and stunk to high heaven.
We have taken her to 3 different veterinarians, and their treatments worked for a little while, then the infection would come roaring back.
Then our primary vet recommended coming to this clinic. And are we ever glad that we did.
From the moment we met Dr. Crow we knew our little girl was in good hands. She HATES going to the vet because she has practically lived at a clinic the majority of her life. But he got on the floor with her, and she went right up to him.
He prescribed a very extensive, (twice a day), regimen of ear drops, mouth drops, 2 chewables, pain pills, steroid pills, and ear flushing. It wasn’t easy and was very time consuming, and Maddie pushed back at some of the treatments, but when we went back 2 weeks later for her check up, she had improved significantly.
She still has to have drops put in her ears, and under her tongue, (the mouth ones will be for life), and the chewable for a couple more weeks, but this little girl is back to being a normal, happy and healthy dog.
She now sleeps through the night, which means that we are, too.
Thanks to all of the staff that cared for our Maddie. Everyone was exceptional. From the moment we walked in, Megan greeted us cheerfully and professionally. And a special acknowledgement to Leah, who had to flush Maddie’s ears. We just knew when they took her back to have that done, that we would hear Maddie scream, but moments later here she comes with Leah, perfectly happy.
Thank you all for your kindness and professionalism. Not only towards Maddie, but to Steven and I as well. It’s been a very frustrating journey.
Also, as a side note. This treatment is not inexpensive. But it is affordable. And compared to what we have spent over the course of 5 years, we would be money ahead if we had just started here at the Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic.

by Davina Trotter on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Staff & Visits

I just wanted to compliment the staff and Dr. Seals. Our visits with our two furr-babies have always been very pleasant. But even when I have had to call with a question the staff has always been very professional and very helpful. They act like they really care. The staff at my regular veterinarian office could take some lessons from the staff here.

Thank you for your excellent service!

by Brad Townsend on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Thank you, Dr. G!

When we took our dog Rosie to Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic, we were sadly certain that it was a last resort. After several expensive tests at our veterinarian's office, all the signs seem to point to Rosie having cancer, but our vet suggested that we get a second opinion from Dr. Gimmler at ADRC. Dr. Gimmler and her technician Leah Michaels were quite gentle and loving with Rosie, who was trembling with fright and fever. Dr. Gimmler gently scraped some skin samples from Rosie and, literally within 15 minutes of looking at them under a microscope, happily informed me that Rosie has an autoimmune condition that is very treatable. Within 2 weeks of the diagnosis and being on new meds, our Rosie is back to being herself. We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Gimmler and ADRC.

Townsend family (including Rosie)

by Alexander Mills on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
The Best

I have an English Bulldog that has had allergy problems for several years and had seen several vets about his condition, nothing they gave him prevented the problem. I finally heard about Animal Dermatology and made an appointment with DVM Shanna Seals, It was a dream come true for my dog Gator. He now has a beautiful coat and his skin has few if any irritated spots. If you have an animal that suffers with skin infections/allergies, I highly recommend Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic and Dr. Seals in Dallas.

by Chandra Lynch on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Bella's Better

I want to thank you for seeing Bella when you did. I have finally found out that she is allergic to anything in a can including prescription food in a can or packaged liquid cat food. She is on bagged cat food only. We are 5 months injection free, pill free, and she hasn't pulled her hair out for that duration as well. SHE'S EXCELLENT!!!! THANK YOU FOR SEEING HER!!1

by Brenda C. on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
All the hair has grown!

When I got my rescue dog she had lost over half of her hair--she looked very bad and she had a skin infection. I visited the Animal dermatology clinic and Dr. Seals prescribed medicine and a regimen for us to follow to try to cure the skin infection, hoping that the hair would grow back. Now a year later she is having to go to the groomer to tame all the hair she has grown!!! Thanks Dr. Seals!

by Suzi on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Love THEM!

The doctors and staff at ADRC (aka DermVets) in Dallas are amazing! My regular vet could not figure out a solution to my golden retriever's itching. ADRC specialists were able to give him some relief. Turns out he had seasonal allergies just like a human. Love the docs and staff at DermVets!

by Jennifer Sampson on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Food allergies with our cocker spaniel

Dr. Garfield and Tammy, his assistant, and right hand are amazing! We were referred to Animal Dermatology from our primary veterinarian after she exhausted every avenue of treatment for our Benjamin Button. He is compassionate and he takes the time to thoroughly explain everything on a level that you can comprehend! Tammy's amazing!! She is thoughtful and she responds to your phone calls with expediency! It's very obvious they not only enjoy their work, but the enjoy being able to help heal your beloved pet and they care about their owners as well!! I recommend Animal Dermatolgy, and Dr. Garfield if you are ever in need of answers to your pets skin and allergy issues!! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and compassion..

by Anne F. on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic

Dr. Garfield is one of our favorite vets of all time. He addressed a horrible ear infection and resolved it. He is compassionate, smart, and listens to your concerns and takes the time to explain what is happening. I highly recommend. He is the best at this facility!

by Jenna B on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Under Control

Both of my dachshunds have allergy issues. I wish we had started with this clinic before trying numerous vets. The staff and doctors are very helpful. My dogs allergies are under control and I feel like a more educated dog owner.

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