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Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
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 19 reviews
by Melissa Holladay on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Great Job

Dr. Garfield is awesome! His assistant Tami is awesome. They do such a great job taking care of our dogs, responding to emails, calling in medication when it is needed, etc.

by John Porter on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Friendly and Great

Staff are sharp and prompt. Friendly and great, pleased with the service.

by Kensey P on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Happy and Healthy

My cat had been incredibly itchy to the point of scratching large sores into her skin and vets in two different cities hadn't been able to figure out a long term solution. Dr. Karen Ho has taken the time to work with me in order to rule things out and find a medication regimen that works for my cat. I feel strongly that she truly cares if my cat is happy and healthy. The rest of the staff has been great too. They are all friendly and competent in my experience. Rooms are large and pet-friendly, and they've always gotten me into a room very quickly so my cat was less stressed by other animals. If I had to make a negative comment, I would point out that since this is a specialty vet office it's certainly not cheap, but I feel the care my cat has been given is well worth the value.

by Dennis Paul Dotson on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Pitbull rescue

If you are having pet allergy issues with your dog (I assume cats too), this place is absolutely 100% recommended from my wife and I.

Our Pitbull rescue, her name is Snow, was breaking out in horrible hives and rashes. Our original Dr. is gone but they had her skin, rash and itching under control twice now in the last 5 years with a special serum designed for her based on the skin testing.

Wife gives her 1 shot every two weeks, she's almost golden. Don't waste the countless trips to your regular vet while they just fish for a solution.

by Margaret Hinshelwood on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
I definitely can recommend this practice

It's one of those places you don't really want to go to, because it means your pet has a problem. Little Loui, my black cat, evidently is allergic to something. This results in excess earwax being produced, which means ear infections that don't want to go away. Everyone was extremely nice and professional. They really have helped Loui, who is now at 14 pounds. He is not happy about going, but I am happy I have a good place to go that can help him. I definitely can recommend this practice.

by Melissa M. on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Feeling good about the plan for my kitty

Had my cat diagnosed, the office staff is professional and the Dr. spent a long time explaining everything to me. Feeling good about the plan for my kitty.

by Steven and Karen James on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Basset’s Ear Infection’s

Our basset hound, Maddie, (7 years old), has fought constant, and severe, ear infection’s for over 5 years. She has been miserable. She never slept through the night, which meant that my husband and I didn’t either.
She constantly had her foot in her ear, (to itch it), and it just sounded like mush inside and stunk to high heaven.
We have taken her to 3 different veterinarians, and their treatments worked for a little while, then the infection would come roaring back.
Then our primary vet recommended coming to this clinic. And are we ever glad that we did.
From the moment we met Dr. Crow we knew our little girl was in good hands. She HATES going to the vet because she has practically lived at a clinic the majority of her life. But he got on the floor with her, and she went right up to him.
He prescribed a very extensive, (twice a day), regimen of ear drops, mouth drops, 2 chewables, pain pills, steroid pills, and ear flushing. It wasn’t easy and was very time consuming, and Maddie pushed back at some of the treatments, but when we went back 2 weeks later for her check up, she had improved significantly.
She still has to have drops put in her ears, and under her tongue, (the mouth ones will be for life), and the chewable for a couple more weeks, but this little girl is back to being a normal, happy and healthy dog.
She now sleeps through the night, which means that we are, too.
Thanks to all of the staff that cared for our Maddie. Everyone was exceptional. From the moment we walked in, Megan greeted us cheerfully and professionally. And a special acknowledgement to Leah, who had to flush Maddie’s ears. We just knew when they took her back to have that done, that we would hear Maddie scream, but moments later here she comes with Leah, perfectly happy.
Thank you all for your kindness and professionalism. Not only towards Maddie, but to Steven and I as well. It’s been a very frustrating journey.
Also, as a side note. This treatment is not inexpensive. But it is affordable. And compared to what we have spent over the course of 5 years, we would be money ahead if we had just started here at the Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic.

by Jeff M. on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Very satisfied

Very satisfied with the care of our dog Stormy, 15 year old Shitzhu, Dr. Seals has been excellent.

by Emily U. on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Appreciate them working with me!

I have been taking my cat to ADRC since February of this year and have had a great experience! My normal vets were unable to find out why he was overgrooming so much, but referred me to Dr. Seals. Dr. Seals let me know ahead of time that the process would be slow and that patience is key, but after getting my cat a couple rounds of steroids, Atopica and switching his food...he is in remission! Any time I had a question I would email the vet tech, Sarah, who was always very quick to reply. They always give very detailed discharge instructions as well so it was easy for me to follow the right medication plan at home. When I voiced my concern that it was getting a bit too expensive, they were very understanding and said I do not need to physically take him in every time I have a question and they would be more than happy to have me send in pictures. I didn't end up needing to do that but I really appreciate them working with me! I will continue to go here for checkups as they are friendly, informative, and clearly love what they do!

by Mike M. on Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic
Caring, loving, and capable

We've been bringing our rescue dog here for his allergies for several years now. Dr Garfield and his staff are caring, loving, and capable.

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