Our board certified dermatologist treat pet skin issuesOur Team of board certified dermatologists

The board certified dermatologists at the Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic focus on your pet’s skin and ear problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide primary care veterinarians, their clients and pets with specialty level diagnosis, treatment, and management of allergy, immune mediated, hormonal, parasitic, infectious, cancerous, and cosmetic disorders of the skin and ears.

Specialization denotes a higher standard of training, knowledge, and expertise in a certain field. Dermatology is one of twenty specialty boards recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Why is a Board Certified Dermatologist Important?

Board certification within a specialty college requires:

  • Being a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine,
  • Successful completion of an approved residency for post doctoral training, and
  • Successful completion of the specialty board examination for that discipline.

Specialists at the Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic are an extension of the primary care veterinarian. Working in concert, our goal is to provide optimal veterinary care for your pet.