From Our Clients: Meet Bear!

“Meet Bear! He’s our 5½ year old black Lab Retriever whom we love dearly. Today he’s happy and healthy doing the things he loves most. That includes swimming in the pool, chasing rabbits, barking at the mail carrier, and going on car rides and road trips with his family.

Client quote Bear

A few years ago, Bear’s life was totally different. He was itchy, uncomfortable, had skin rashes with hair loss, and was lethargic. Based on our veterinarian’s recommendation, we took Bear to Animal Referral Dermatology Clinic and met Dr. Karen Ho. After thorough testing, she found that Bear suffered from severe allergies and hypothyroidism. He needed treatment in the form of diluted bleach baths, antibiotics, daily allergy pills & serum for bimonthly shots, as well as thyroid medication.

This was not a quick fix! But with a committed regime plus regular visits for doctor monitoring, Bear began improving. He has progressed to the happy, healthy, contented dog he is today. We’re very grateful to Dr. Ho and her amazing staff with their specialized knowledge and skills for providing this positive change for our dear pet!”

– Cynthia W., Plano, TX

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