Reviews: I will always be grateful for the care of my fur baby

“We were referred to see Dr. Ho after I noticed Sadee had some sores on her body that were not going away. Our regular vet said this was the best place for us to go be seen for any dermatological issues. I was first told it would be a bit of a wait to get in, but fortunately there was a cancellation.

Sadee client review

From the very first call I had from Dr. Ho’s staff, Kacey was always super friendly and did her best to make me comfortable. Everything was always so well organized so I had no doubt Sadee would receive excellent care. After our first visit, Sadee was diagnosed with Sterile Nodular Panniculitis. Dr. Ho was very patient in answering all of my questions about the disease and course of treatment. Over the next several months, Sadee progressed well in her treatment. I am happy to say that she is currently in remission. I will always be grateful to Dr. Ho and Kacey for the care they gave my fur baby. I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Mrs. Judy Jones, Lubbock, Texas

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