From Our Clients: Katie

“I want to thank Dr. Ho for treating my dog, Katie. She had difficulty with her skin for around a year with several trips to our vet each month with costly medications and care which did not seem to help. I was finally told there was nothing more they could do and they referred me to Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic. I was afraid she would die in the meantime. She had open sores covering her body, her hair was falling out and she wasn’t eating.

Our appointment time came, and Katie was seen by Dr. Ho. She did a thorough exam and felt like she probably knew what was going on with Katie but needed testing to confirm. She performed the tests, gave me a different shampoo and medicated mousse to use on her until results came back. The results were conclusive with what Dr. Ho first thought and started her on medication.

After several months of treatment with an immune suppressing drug Katie is now in remission, eating well, and her beautiful personality, skin and gorgeous coat are back!

Client review dog Katie

Thank you, Dr. Ho! You are a brilliant doctor who managed to prolong Katie’s life and you were successful at treating her skin issues which have given her a much, much better quality of life. I greatly appreciate your kindness and caring.”

– Linda S., Dallas, Texas

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