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Pet Food Labeling

Study casts doubt on pet food labeling. A recent publication[ii] in the Journal of Food Control reported the following information regarding pet foods: Sixteen out of 52 products tested contained a meat ingredient not listed on the label. The study also could not detect the listed meat in seven of the 52 samples. “This could […]

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Apoquel®, New FDA Approved Medication

Apoquel® is a new FDA approved medication for dogs with environmental allergies and itch/scratch from other conditions. It was released to Vet Derms in late November and we have appreciated success with this medication in a large percentage of our patients. Twice daily therapy tapers to once daily therapy. Like with any medication there are […]

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Oral Immunotherapy

Now available for pets with environmental allergies! Traditional immunotherapy has been injection based. While easy to administer and administered infrequently, many pet parents felt uncomfortable with the process. We now have glycerin (sweet) based drops that are easily administered morning and evening.

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