Apoquel®, New FDA Approved Medication

Apoquel® is a new FDA approved medication for dogs with environmental allergies and itch/scratch from other conditions.

  • It was released to Vet Derms in late November and we have appreciated success with this medication in a large percentage of our patients. Twice daily therapy tapers to once daily therapy.
  • Like with any medication there are pets who do not respond at all, or for others, pruritus escalates to an uncomfortable level on once daily therapy.
  • Side effects: mainly vomiting or diarrhea (approx 2-3% of dogs).
  • Apoquel® has been safely used in conjunction with other common medications including antibiotics and parasiticides and with vaccinations.
  • Dogs can be allergy tested while on Apoquel®.

It can help allergic patients who cannot tolerate steroids or Atopica®. It doesn’t have the same side effects as steroids because it targets a very specific pathway in the itch cycle. Apoquel can be a useful medication to help manage pets with allergies. If interested please contact our office. Spread the word to your friends and family!

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