Reviews: Mickie

Mickie client testimony

 “Mickie and I walked into ADRC in a really sad state, after having been referred to Dr. Seals by our regular veterinarian. Mickie’s skin was covered in lesions, her feet were swollen and red, and her hair was coming out in tufts. Luckily, Dr. Seals is without a doubt the most patient, kind, and caring doctor that a dog could hope for. It was a long process, but thanks to Dr. Seals’ superb expertise and tenacity in addressing the problem, Mickie’s skin and coat now look pristine, and most importantly, her quality of life has been improved tenfold. Mickie and I are so thankful to Dr. Seals, Sarah, and the rest of the ADRC staff for helping us!”

– Mrs. Megan Decadi in Plano, Texas

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