Reviews: Chiquita with chronic ear infections


“Chiquita, my five-year-old maltipoo, suffered from allergies, but I didn’t know it.

The first four years of Chiqui’s life were spent in and out of veterinary offices, with chronic ear infections and on all kinds of medications. Because nothing worked, I switched veterinarians seven times.

I spent a ridiculous amount of money, yet the inevitable happened. Her condition manifested into the collapse of her ear canal, which had to be removed through TECA surgery.

By the time I got to Dr. Ho, Chiqui’s second ear canal also had to be removed with second TECA surgery. I was devasted! Desperate, and after my baby was officially deaf, I had Chiqui assessed by Dr. Ho.

From the first visit, I loved Dr. Ho. I decided to have faith in her, and after a thorough assessment, I finally found out my Chiquita is allergic to grass, dust, and many other things. No one else was able to tell me that!

In under a month of being under Dr. Ho’s care, Chiquita became another dog. She now has a big appetite for food and life. She’s playful and spunky, and at 13 pounds can outrun us all. My Chiquita is back!

There are no words to tell Dr. Ho how thankful I am that I found her—that she saved my fur baby’s life and, in a way, mine. I simply wish Dr. Ho’s path and mine crossed earlier.”

– Maria Tapias, Mother of Dogs

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