Pet Spotlight/Case Study: “Blanche” Yeast Allergy

Dog yeast and skin allergy

Blanche Before Treatment

“Blanche,” a female-spayed Maltese-terrier mix, is Dr. Gimmler’s own dog. In March 2017, when she was 7 years old, Dr. Gimmler brought her home after a 4-year history of seasonal paw licking that progressed after moving from Alabama to Texas 2 years prior.

Hypotrichosis (thin fur) and erythema (redness) with claws stained brown at bases

On physical exam, she had moderate hypotrichosis (thin fur) and erythema (redness) of her belly, legs, and paws. Her claws were stained brown at the bases. Dr. Gimmler did a tape cytology of her paws and found lots of yeast growing there.

Intradermal allergy test

Dr. Gimmler performed an intradermal allergy test under light sedation. Blanche was allergic to a number of grass, weed, and tree pollens as well as house dust mites, flea saliva, and her own yeast.

Dr. Gimmler started Blanche on allergen-specific immunotherapy (“allergy shots”), treated the yeast with ketoconazole, and gave a CytoPoint injection to suppress itching. After about 10 months on allergy shots, Blanche was greatly improved. She’s now been on allergy shots for about 3 years and only occasionally flares up with itching in the summer.

Medicated bath with anti-yeast

When a flare happens, a medicated bath with anti-yeast (Malaseb) and anti-itch (ReliefHC) shampoos is enough to do the trick. Otherwise, she’s a happy and healthy girl!

Blanche is feeling better! (pictured with her family)

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