This Bulldog Overcame Her Resistant Bacterial Infection

“Chicken Nugget, our French bulldog, is a beloved member of our family. We had received this one-eyed, fawn colored bundle of joy when she was five.

For the first couple of years she was healthy, active, and showed no signs of allergies. This past fall, we were heartbroken to see her suffering with a skin condition that was so severe that, besides losing her hair, she was losing her energy, and even her appetite. Oozing sores covered her body, literally from inside her ears to the bottom of her toes. It pained her to walk.

We had gone to our regular vet early on after we thought that she might have an ear infection. With treatment, that seemed to get some better, but then we found a sore on her neck. We immediately made another appointment with the regular vet, but before she even got to their office, she had scratched it open.

We were at the regular vet with Chicken frequently from then on. They ran tests and gave her injections and medications for allergies. We tried different prescriptions, switched her diet, bathed her with medicated shampoos, and tried topical ointments; however, she was getting progressively worse. These vet visits spanned about three months with no lasting improvement.

Thankfully, our regular vet recommended that we make an appointment for Chicken Nugget to see the specialists at ADRC. We were at the point that we feared Chicken Nugget may never recover from the increasingly bad lesions all over her body. With open wounds, she was almost bald on most of her neck, back, and buttocks.

After meeting Dr. Ho and Kacey at ADRC, we felt hopeful for the first time. Their concern for Chicken was obvious and their expertise was apparent. Dr. Ho did not offer an immediate promise of a solution, but she knew what to explore and where to start with a new regime of treatment. It was intensive at home, with daily baths and multiple medications, but we felt empowered to do more than just watch Chicken Nugget decline.

Her treatment and diagnoses took some twists and turns, but the ADRC team was always just a call, email, or office visit away. Chicken made steady progress, and, even though her hair was a low priority item in comparison to her overall health, it began to come back.

French bulldog skin condition

Today, Chicken Nugget is on long-term oral medication, has a weekly medicated bath, and she is back to being our feisty, fun, frolicking, fawn colored Frenchie. We cannot thank Dr. Ho and Kacey enough for their continued love and care for Chicken Nugget. Oui have our petite mademoiselle back!”

– Kirk Dallas, Dallas, TX

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