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Pet Case Study: Vitiligo

Max F. is a shepherd mix who will soon be 3 years old. He has vitiligo, a disease characterized by loss of pigment from the selective destruction of cells that produce the pigment melanin. The cause of vitiligo is still a matter of debate, though the autoimmune hypothesis prevails. Some breeds are predisposed (Belgian shepherd, […]

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Disease Spotlight: Acral Lick Dermatitis (ALD)

What are acral lick sores? Acral lick dermatitis (ALD), also called acral lick granuloma or acral pruritic nodule is one of the most frustrating diseases that pet parents, family veterinarians and veterinary dermatology specialists encounter. The sores develop from compulsive licking, usually of a lower limb. Small to large, firm, proliferative, and ulcerative plaques develop. […]

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Pet Case Study: Canine Flank Alopecia (CFA)

Previously called seasonal or cyclic or recurrent flank alopecia. Seen primarily in Boxers & Bulldogs, but other breeds can be affected. This is one skin condition that is completely non-itchy and considered cosmetic. Hair loss (alopecia) can involve both sides or just one side of the body. The cause of this condition is unknown. Affected […]

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