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Disease Spotlight: Food Hypersensitivity

What is Food Hypersensitivity? It is an adverse food reaction (AFR) that may result in a variety of symptoms that are noted on a continuous basis. Makes sense, right? Your pet will have relentless symptoms if they are exposed to an allergen in their food every day. Symptoms are not the same for every pet […]

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Disease Spotlight: Feline Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex

EGC includes lesions (like these pictured above) that affect the skin, mucocutaneous junctions and oral cavity of cats. The term itself if often used as a final diagnosis, which in most cases in not appropriate because there is usually an underlying allergy as the primary cause. What causes the immune system to react in this […]

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Disease Spotlight: Ear Infections 

According to one popular pet insurance company, ear infections are the number one reason dogs, and number eight reason cats, visit their veterinarian. The ear canal is lined with a thin layer of skin that contains glands and hair follicles all confined in a small space that is warm and dark. The skin naturally harbors […]

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