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Pet Case Study: Dog Food Allergy

Percy M. is a 13.5-year-old female, spayed Shih Tzu. Percy had no history of skin disease but at the age of 13 she developed severe sores on her skin. She was receiving appropriate antibiotic and steroid therapy to help manage the sores; however, she was not improving. On her first visit, we identified a staph […]

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Pet Case Study: Allergies Complicated by Bacterial Infection

Nugget H., a 3-year-old male, neutered, Shepherd mix who has environmental allergies complicated by bacterial infection with resistant strains of bacteria: In the nearly 8 years since Dr. Liska has practiced at ADRC, Nugget is by far the most severe, complicated, and heartbreaking patient she has treated. Nugget was originally allergy tested for environmental triggers in […]

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Pet Case Study: Feline Inflammatory Polyp

More common in young cats Believed to arise from the mucosa of the middle ear or auditory tube. Typically start as a small pedicle but then enlarge and extend in the external ear canal. Often lead to secondary infections of the canal. Therapy options: This polyp was removed by traction avulsion. Surgery is sometimes necessary […]

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